Our Policy

1. Appointment:

We do the consultation strictly with prior appointment. No walk-in consultations allowed.
For first time patients, we follow a strict selection method based on answers sent for our questionnaire and photographs of the patches.

The counsellors will talk to the vitiligo patients to evaluate the possibility of complete involvement, patients understanding about vitiligo and its treatment, whether patients having realistic expectations etc. There will be efforts to counsel the patients and then if eligible we proceed to next level.

Even the follow up patients are given appointments based on their involvement to fight their vitiligo.

We follow slot-based appointments so that we can give importance and care to each patient. Since vitiligo is with lot of social and psychological impact, this method prevents unnecessary interaction with other patients so that patients don’t feel like their privacy is at risk.

Appointments on weekends and holidays are given only if it is available. Since most of the patients seek such appointments one need to book at least 3 months prior. Patients’ needs to understand that its humanely impossible to accommodate everyone.

We don’t provide follow up appointments to patients who are even after repeated counselling not following the treatment as advised, who are not involved in their vitiligo fight, who are very unrealistic and who are behave rudely with the staff

2. Advance Booking:

One needs to book the appointment prior. In case of follow up patients one needs to book within 2 months. In case of new patients if appointment slots are available the booking can happen with in 45 days. One needs to consider that there is minimum waiting period of 2 months to get appointment of Dr. Holla. You will get earlier appointments only in case of cancellations of other appointments. The payment can happen via cash deposit in bank or at clinic, payment through payment gateway via link provided by us, net transfer or payment by card at clinic.

3. Consultation First:

We follow consultation first policy. We don’t assure anything over phone or comment on prognosis. One needs to diagnose your vitiligo. Disease parameters and patient parameters should be analysed to decide the mode of the treatment and duration required. So, consultation with vitiligo expert is essential.

4. Vitiligo Cure:

Cure means if one gets rid of one disease he should not get it back. Mere getting rid of patches is not considered as cure. Vitiligo is treatable. Ethics of modern medicine doesn’t allow us to claim cure. If we have used key words like “cure in vitiligo” to reach out the patients looking for such magic treatments by misleading promotions and educate them about the reality. However, vitiligo is completely treatable if treated in right way in right time. Patient can cure his or her vitiligo with following maintenance method

5. Estimate and Costing:

Since the treatment and costing varies according to type of vitiligo, severity, stage of vitiligo, stability, site and size of the patches, its not possible to comment on the costing. We follow consultation first policy and don’t entertain estimate or package over phones. Our vitiligo expert has to evaluate your vitiligo and decide individualised treatment. We believe in cost effectiveness rather than just cheaper treatments. Cheaper treatment may not give desired results and when one calculate accumulated costing, it becomes more costly.

6. Promise/Guarantee:

The result out of a treatment is dependent on several factors. Patients involvement and compliance is essential to get good results. However, we put utmost care to achieve the best outcome in every patients. Its unethical to claim or promise cure or guarantee with out analysing the vitiligo and its treatability.

7. Patient Selection and removal:

We follow a triage method to treat patients. We believe that can try to help those who help themselves. Patient eligibility is arrived at before deciding each treatment. Patients who understands the vitiligo, its treatment, compliance its outcome and importance of their involvement and dedication are given preferences. We follow a strict removal policy. If we come to know about lack of involvement from patients, they are not regular, they are abusive towards the staff, after repeated counselling there is no change in patients attitude and involvement, after 3rd consultation or earlier we request patients to stop our treatment and seek other treatment.

8. Treatment Decision:

The decision about particular treatment in particular patient with particular vitiligo is done by our vitiligo expert. It takes years of expertise involved in this individualised treatment decision making. We believe that right outcome comes in right patient, in right time with right treatment.

9. Follow Ups:

Its very important to have regular follow ups to get better results. We don’t entertain patients who are reluctant to come for follow up visits or use any other method of follow ups. Compliance is essential part of fighting a chronic condition like vitiligo.

10. Patient Education and Awareness:

We give lot of importance to patient education and awareness. This gives direction to patient’s vitiligo fight. Without proper education and awareness, the treatment becomes directionless and eventually fails.

11. Patient Privacy:

We give utmost importance to patient privacy. Even if use before and after pictures we make sure that we hide the identity of the patients with proper methods. We get lot of requests to give contact details of existing patients but our ethics don’t allow us to reveal any contact details of patients or their identity in a socially significant condition like vitiligo

12. Concession:

We do have responsibility toward society and patients who are not affording the treatment. We consider genuine cases for concession. However, one should understand the difficulties running an exclusive vitiligo centre with state of art facilities. Concession is given based on treatability of vitiligo and in patient
who are ready to involve, be compliant and get good results out of this effort.

13. Results:

We are extremely result oriented. However, results vary from patient to patient and vitiligo type. We put sincere efforts to provide cost effective treatments. In a right patient with involvement and compliance we try to achieve more than 90% results. Involvement of patient is most decisive factor for good results. Lack of involvement means sure failure.

14. Window Shopping/Doctor Shopping:

We don’t entertain patients who are doing window shopping or doctor shopping. We run a tertiary care centre which specialises in treating difficult vitiligo even the failed cases with treatment elsewhere. We try to counsel the patients but we don’t entertain further if we feel that patient is not serious about his/her vitiligo fight.

15. Multiple Treatments:

We follow an individulaised scientific and target based stepwise treatment. We don’t entertain multiple concurrent treatments preferred by some of the patients. This is because of the contradictory nature of treatments which might increase side effects and failure. However, patient can discuss about their treatment other ailments with doctor. In such cases we don’t interfere. Patient needs to take the approval from their existing doctor treating their ailments. However, for vitiligo one needs to follow our treatment only.

Authored By : Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P


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Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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