About Dr. Holla

Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS and he continued to accomplish his post graduation (MD) from the most reputed dermatology department of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh (PGIMER).

vitiligo specialist

During his post graduation training he was more focused in vitiligo treatment and research rather than in general dermatology. He had immense interest in dermatosurgery that is the main reason to opt for dermatology post graduation. Incidentally that interest gave him lot of exposure to vitiligo surgery from the initial days training. He had the vision of becoming eminent vitiligo surgeon since the days of his dermatology residence.  

This paramount interest in vitiligo treatment and research in general and cellular transplantation in vitiligo in particular was the foremost reason to become one of the most successful vitiligo specialist especially in non-cultured epidermal cell suspension transplantation (NEST).

A decade of dedicated and exclusive vitiligo treatment expertise made him internationally acclaimed vitiligo surgeon and pioneer in cell transplantation.  

The extremely exceptional advantage of “Accumulated Opportunities”, rather than just so-called experience in cellular transplantation puts him league apart. Over the years he had developed several innovative and effective modifications in cell transplantation techniques.

He is known for his innovative techniques like modified non-cultured epidermal suspension transplantation or NEST, non-cultured follicular suspension transplantation /FoST, combined follicular and epidermal suspension transplantation/FEST and Artificial Reservoir Technique/ART.

Using recombinant protease instead of animal origin trypsin to separate cells, cold and soft technique which yields higher cell yield and avoidance of foreign proteins like trypsin inhibitors, artificial growth factors and animal origin collagen sheets makes his procedure more effective and safe.  He constantly innovates in his techniques to being relevant in achieving better results even in toughest vitiligo patches.

Dr. Holla believes in result-oriented procedures and not just in the number of procedures. He has done around 5000 successful procedures to illustrate his dedication and result oriented treatment success in his decade of vitiligo career.

He is expert in doing successful procedures in “difficult to treat” vitiligo patches. He had done hundreds of procedures in each difficult site/difficult vitiligo like lip, eye lids, acral (fingers, toes, hands feet, palms, soles), belly button/umbilicus, ear, nipple, folds (under arm/axilla, inner thigh), genitals and large vitiligo areas as well as modified vitiligo patches.

He has several publications in vitiligo surgery in peer reviewed international journals. He has rare achievement of 25 presentations/invited lectures so far at international conferences/seminars that too exclusively on different innovations/modifications in non-cultured epidermal suspension transplantation.  

He was awarded with several scholarships like “raising star “scholarship from International League of Dermatology Societies, International Society for Dermatology mentorship, and travel scholarship from British Association of Dermatologists, ILDS, ISD, and Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research etc.

Due to his achievements in vitiligo treatment he got the visiting faculty position at department of dermatology at Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA. He is also associated with Vitiligo Bond Inc, USA and done vitiligo awareness lectures for vitiligo sufferers.

He started an exclusive and dedicated centre of excellence in vitiligo by name “MelanoSite” having mission of spreading right color in right way, at New Delhi, India. Although he is trained dermatologist he no longer practices general dermatology and only focuses on vitiligo.  Even he sacrificed his special interest in dermato surgery for vitiligo surgery. Recently he started Dr. Holla’s Vitiligo Centre Pvt Ltd with “MelanoSite” (for Indian vitiligo care) and “VitiligoHolla”(For International vitiligo care) and brands. The main aim of this to provide an effective, dedicated and exclusive tertiary care vitiligo treatment with expertise in treating “difficult to treat” vitiligo.  Presently the services are available at New Delhi and Bengaluru, India with prior/advance booking of appointments on fixed days with strict selection criteria. Both centers have 3000 sqft of exclusive clinic space for vitiligo treatment that is rare in the whole international arena.  He is also founded VITAL SKIN KLINIC Pvt Ltd for specialty niche dermatology group practice where V stands for Vitiligo.

Over 3000 satisfied patients so far speak for the success of this rigid/strict approach that has only aim of satisfactory results in the vitiligo suffer.

vitiligo specialist
vitiligo specialist
vitiligo specialist
vitiligo specialist
vitiligo specialist
vitiligo specialist



About Dr. Holla


Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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