Phototherapy in various methods used either to achieve immuno modulation or cell stimulation. We don’t prefer photo sensitisers along with vitiligo phototherapy treatment. We use mainly Narrow Band UV B rays either controlled by dosimetry or duration

Most of the patients worry about skin cancer risk with this treatment. However, we use short dose/ duration exposure and most vitiligo patients have inverse relation with malignant melanoma (less chances of cancer ). Tanning also minimal and temporary. It is important use sunscreens after exposure.

Wholebody NBUVB

This option given to patients who are near to clinic or who has such machines near to their place (Strictly according to our protocol). Used either achieve immunomodulation/immunosuppression and cell stimulation. Its mainstay of treatment in extensive vitiligo. We follow short duration protocol achieving smother and consistent stimulation of pigmentations. The concurrent medicines used in a such a way that prevents hardening of skin. Hardening causes slowness in pigmentation. Also we replace the NBUVB emitting tubes strictly after 200 Hr of usage, this will give efficient outcome with phototherapy.

Handheld NBUVB

Patients who are from far away places and don’t have Wholebody NBUVB near them are given this option.  It is used mainly for cell stimulation. Machines are provided by the clinic with training and routine monitoring from our end. Dose escalation or decrease happens as per the response and regular interaction is needed. We don’t encourage out side low quality machines which don’t fit our protocol. Patients need to take clearance for machines which are not given by our clinic.

Excimer Light/Targeted Phototherapy

Excimer light basically targeted version of NBUVB light. This phototherapy used for localised vitiligo, resistant patches and post transplantation patches either alone or in combination with wholebody or home based NBUVB. Given on alternate days or weekly twice or weekly once.

Sun Exposure

In patients with very minimal vitiligo or early vitiligo or patients who can not afford whole body or home based NBUVB phototherapy.  Mild sun exposure for 10 to 15 min on alternate days is advised. It is not as efective as NBUVB exposure.

Authored By : Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P


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Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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