According to Speed

Repigmentation is evaluated in terms of speed and pattern. This evaluation will help us to right kind of treatment plan

1.According to Speed

  •   Fast Responders.

    These are the patches are located on hairy areas with lot of cell reservoirs. Such patches repigment with in 3 months after disease is stabilised if reservoirs are intact. The patches on facial region, hairy areas of trunk and proximal limbs respond in this way. Only medical management and phototherapy will be sufficient to get the results
  •   Slow Responders
    If the repigmentation is delayed or incomplete even after 6 to 9 months of having stable vitiligo and the continuous treatment, such patches are termed as slow responders. This may be due to less than sufficient cell reservoirs, there is slowness in the re pigmentation. In such situations we advise microneedling along with growth factors or cells, targeted phototherapy and in some cases cell transplantation
  •   Non-Responders.
    Such patches fail to pigment even after 9 months to 1year of treatment. This is due to complete absence of cell reservoir. In such patches the cell transplantation gives the better results

Authored By : Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P


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Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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