Attitude Management

Being Positive:

Most of the vitiligo patients over the period tend to have negative attitude due to repeated failures in the treatment and being overly comparitive with other patients or going by each every advices coming to them or in the internet.  It is very important to be positive and hopeful with a determination to fight vitiligo.

Being Realistic:  

Being unrealistic is major drawback in getting satisfactory results. Patients either expect too quick results with that too with minimal efforts. They keep on expects miracles. Their main focus is on what they have not achieved (in terms of improvement) than what they have achieved. Too much of expecatations in too little time duration is hinderance in getting good results. Even the different sites, different types of vitiligo and different patients respond differently and with different time duration. Our expertise is in individualizing our approach and get good outcome in every scenario. Being realisitc is key to success in fight against vitiligo.

Having Trust:

Due to previous bad experiences patients do have trust deficit. We belive that trust and faith in the doctor and system is essential to get beter results. We encourage patients to opt for other treatment options or seek second opinion if we feel that there is even bit of trust deficit.

Having Excuses

Usually the vitiligo patients come up with lot of excuses or reasons for not being compliant with treatment and also not being conistently following the life style changes, dieataty changes, skin care and stress management. The harsh truth is that patient  can understand their excuses and even we can try to understand but their vitiligo won’t understand those excuses. It needs what it needs. So, its very essential to commit certain time to fight your vitiligo if you really want to fight it.

Side Effect Phobia:  

Significant number of patients suffer from this.  This may be due to lack of awareness or misguidance.  Any side effect depends on dose, duration and individual susceptibility. We can control dose and duration but we can not predict individual susceptibility.  One medicine don’t cause every side effect in every dose or if taken for limited duration. We believe that particular medicine wont be right or wrong. Only the doctor and patient can be wrong here. If doctor don’t give proper instructions or take proper decision and if patient don’t follow those instructions or go by their own ways, then these problems happen. One has to consider risk benefit ratio to decide about the treatment. If risk is too less and better benefit, then doctor will take decision to go ahead with the treatment. Most of the side effects are reversible, temporary and minimal. Patients are encouraged to interact regularly to update such events and our staff will be in touch with patients regularly to find out any side effects and instruct the patients remedies if need.


Authored By : Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P


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Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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