Seven Fights against Vitiligo



Treatment is the foremost element in the fight against vitiligo. However, this is not permanent. Stepwise the treatments or interventions are reduced or removed and followed by maintenance dosages. Even this will be removed over the time. Dependency on treatment continues if other 6 ways fights are not done properly and consistently.  However, there is no magic potion which will cure your vitiligo. Treatment done by expert if followed properly will help to treat vitiligo.

2.Life Style Modifications:

Healthy Life Style, Sound sleep and physical activity like 30 to 45 min daily walking plays significant role in getting desired result out of treatment. These modifications are essential to maintain vitiligo free status once patients get rid of vitiligo. Habbits like consumption of alcohol, smoking and substance abuse interfere with treatment efficiency and also aggravate vitiligo. So, one should completely stop these bad habits. Sound sleep means lesser stress and lesser free radical, this will help in fighting vitiligo and prevent relapse. Physical exercise will maintain better metabolism and lesser depression.

3.Diet Modifications:

Diet modifications needed to get better results and further maintaining the disease-free status. However, diet only wont cure your vitiligo, nor diet will cause vitiligo. Key is following moderation, balance and nutrition. We do not provide any diet chart, plan or list containing details of food stuffs not to eat or eat. One should focus on taking healthy breakfast on time, moderate lunch on time and light and early dinner.

4.Skin Care:

General skin measures like moisturizing and using sun protection are important. Especially in case of winters one should focus on moisturizing the skin and in case of summers one should be us sunscreen/block agents. One should avoid using plastic and rubber foot wear, avoid socks with dark colour and avoid hair dye with PPD chemical. Wearing tight cloths and footwears to be avoided.

5.Stress Management:

Stress plays significant role in initiation and aggravation of vitiligo. This sets up a vicious cycle. Stress increases free radicals/toxins, toxins increase vitiligo and vitiligo increases stress. Stress also reduces the efficiency of treatment. So, stress management is important in the fight against vitiligo.

6.Attitude Management:


Patients involvement in the vitiligo fight is major ingedient needed to have the scuccessful outcome. Doctor’s or clinic staff’s role is like a coach. Family and friends have supportive role. Its patients involvement that makes the difference. Patients main aim should be get well for their sake and not just for the sake of getting married, getting the job or for the sake of family or society.

Authored By : Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P


About Dr. Holla


Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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