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VitiligoHolla-MelanoSite, Centre for Excellence in Vitiligo is an exclusive vitiligo centre based at New Delhi and Bengaluru,India. These are brands of Dr. Holla’s Vitiligo Centre Private Limited.

This is one of the very few centers in the world, which is taking care of exclusively vitiligo patients.

Our salient features are:

Our doctor is one of the leading vitiligo specialist and vitiligo surgeon (very few experts in this) in the world arena. He has designed a very successful procedure of non-cultured epidermal suspension transplantation for stable vitiligo. Has done more than 5000 successful such procedures so far.

This procedure can treat large area in single sitting, useful in treating areas like lip, eye lid, acral area, joints, nipple and areola and genital lesions. It achieves near complete and normal colour match..

We also do advanced medical treatment which is based on vitiligo panel of tests which detects the derangements that are possible contributors of triggering the mechanism (pathogenesis) of vitiligo. Most of the patients, with spreading vitiligo not responding to any system of medicine are responding well after this target oriented treatment. All treatments based on scientific reasoning.

We are specialized in successfully treating 2 kinds of patients with difficult vitiligo.

  1. Aggressively spreading vitiligo not responding to any system of medicine (Mainly due to underlying metabolic and nutritional derangements).
  2. Refractory but stable vitiligo which doesn't respond to any system of medicines due to lack of melanocyte reservoir (success of any medical management is dependent on available melanocyte reservoir)

We are expert in treating simple vitiligo cases too, our treatment is advanced and effective compare to other treatments

We have dedicated team which understands the significance of a white patch and do their best to heal those “bruised souls”. We do counselling for life style changes, home based phototherapy and camouflage.

We also offer online consultation for those patients from out stations who cannot visit us. We believe that patient counselling is far more important than just prescribing few medicines.

Finally, we strongly believe in individualized treatment approach since every vitiligo patient is different and his or her type of vitiligo may be different.

Authored By : Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P


About Dr. Holla


Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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