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We offer online consultation via Skype or similar platforms for those patients who cannot do the consultation in clinic. Online consultation is usually for International patients but it is also given for local patients in genuine conditions laid down by the centre.
Timing of consultation usually at 7pm onwards untill 10pm Indian Time on fixed dates. (Timing is decided on case to case basis depending on the available slots on particular scheduled day).  Different time slots can be given in some cases. The schedule of the online consultation depends on number of patients and their time zones.

There are 3 options

1. Brief Consultation:

Duration of the consultation is 7-10 min
Waiting period to get the appointment is around 2 month

2. Normal Consultation:

Duration of the consultation is 15 to 20 min
Waiting period to get the appointment is around 1 month.

3. Detailed Consultation

Duration of the consulation is 30 to 40 min
Such consultations are given on priority basis (waiting period of 2s week) and there will be some consideration and flexibility regarding timing of appointments.

All appointment will be confirmed after an advance consultation fee payment via Payment Gateways or PayPal invoice or wire transfer or transfer via western union etc.

What happens in Online Consultation?

Diagnosing and Evaluation of Vitiligo (Based on History and type, extent, site and stage of vitiligo and previous treatments).
Counselling about Vitiligo, Its treatment and response and Individualized Interactive Treatment protocol based on target oriented and stepwise approach.
Counselling about supportive measures like lifestyle interventions, dietary modifications, skin care.
Resolution of myths and specific queries.
Suggestion regarding laboratory tests.
In some of the cases its purely serves as second opinion by vitiligo specialist.
Individualised Treatment Advice.

Prescription Policy
Advice about locally available non prescription medicines (Vitamins and Nutritional supplements)
Modifications of patient's existing prescription medicines according to Individualised Treatment Protocol.
Advice and Modification about the light therapy (Home based light therapy is mostly preferred)
Only concern will be in case of active generalised vitiligo, who needs some sort of immunosuppression or immunomodulation for short term. Although such medicines are readily available in patient's country and extensively used in other conditions but due to lack of willingness in the local dermatologists to opt such important measure they don't get the prescription (In some countries the prescription of Dr. Holla is honoured at the chemist shop- one has to speak to the local chemist shop regarding this).
In such situation it is helpful to get those medicines from relatives and friends based at or visiting India. It is difficult to send such medicines by courier due to customs issues.
In case previous option is not available, one can go for locally available non prescription immunomodulators.

After 1st consultation, it is preferable to have subsequent consultation in 2 months and later follow up in 3-6 months depending on the response to treatment. This scheduling is necessary to get satisfactory results.

Authored By : Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P


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Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS

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